BJP MP supports Nushrat Jahan, questioned Mamta’s silence over Muslim cleric comment on Nushrat

The TMC MP and Bengali film actress Nusrat Jahan always is in the news for her religious views and practices. The Trinamool Congress MP celebrated Durga Ashtami along with her husband caught the attention of Muslim clerics who criticized her over performing “un-Islamic” rituals. Taking a dig into this matter the Union Minister and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Debasree Chaudhury has extended her support to Nusrat and questioned the silence of West Bengal’s CM Mamta Banerjee.

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The Bhartiya Janta Party MP Debasree said that “In Indian tradition women follow rituals and religions of her husband after marriage and also our constitution has given us right to follow the religion of their wish.”

Debasree felt surprised ‘why’ Mamta Banerjee is silent over this? She said that Mamta Banerjee should speak up against this fatwa… why she is scared when fatwa is being issued against her own MP” BJP MP made allegation on West Bengal CM that she is scared of losing Muslim votes and cited the reason for being silent in this issue.

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The Baseerhat MP Nushrat expressed her religious views that “I think I have my own way of portraying harmony towards all religions. Born and brought up in Bengal, I feel I am doing right by following culture and tradition. Here, we celebrate all the religious festivities.” Her husband (Nikhil Jain) also gave a similar statement and said “A lot of people are affected by inter-religion marriage. Nusrat‘s visit to the Hindu event is actually a positive message for India. I think every citizen of India, irrespective of their religious identity should accept all religions.



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