JNU Attack: A Politically Failed Strategy of BJP

Truth always prevail and this time it prevailed at the right time.

By Aiman Afaque

On 5th January, Sunday a reign of terror was unleashed on the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University a well-known premier institute of India. Around 7 pm, that day 50-odd masked goon entered the university hostels and started the brutal attacks on the students and teachers. Many students were injured. The JNU student union president Aishe Ghosh suffered head injury and was rushed to AIIMS, Delhi.


Soon after the attack blame game started. The JNUSU led by left wing group said the attack was planned and carried out by the right-wing student body-Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). ABVP, on the other hand alleged that its members were attacked by left wing student group. But the days since the attack, pictures have become very clear, for it is beyond doubt that ABVP- a student wing of ruling BJP has carried out the attack. But if ABVP has carried out the attack it cannot do so without the support of its ideological mentor –BJP and RSS.

Why BJP and RSS will carry out such an act?

Considering the fact that it is still facing a large ongoing anti-CAA protest which has seriously dented their image, such an act has done nothing but fuel the ongoing protest. People have taken to the road and anti-government slogan is again filling up the social media.

Many analysts on social media have pointed to the direction of upcoming Delhi elections. If it is considered true, then again there are 2 reasons for BJP- either postponement of the elections or malign the image of Arvind Kejriwal-main opposition leader of BJP. In the former situation the BJP may want to worsen the situation so much that ultimately the president rule may become mandatory which will lead to postponing of elections. This seems to be a conspiracy theory and the idea seems to be a very far-fetched. Even if the government approves president rule just before the election it will become too obvious and will further hamper their image even among their allies.

The second case seems more plausible as government have started blaming opposition including AAP for the violence. The government media channels have started proclaiming that this a war between anarchy versus nationalism. This is important considering the fact that Kejriwal’s government has always been seen, at least in their initial year of governance as an anarchist government.

Whatever may be the strategy they have totally failed

As expected, after the attack the BJP IT cell got to work spreading fake videos of leftists with lathis and other weapons. Fake videos and fake news started doing the rounds soon enough. But as it is said truth always prevail and this time it prevailed at the right time. A screen shot of whatsapp chat group named left terror down down, unity against left, friends of RSS started circulating in which group members were urged to come to JNU to attack ‘left terrorists’. Almost all the members in the group were traced to ABVP workers. All things aside, one point has raised the questions on ABVP, that if they were attacked as they claimed, then why haven’t they protested against the police who were mute spectators during the violent act and demanded the resignation of vice chancellor of the university who is alleged to have done nothing to provide the security to the students? These evidences clearly paints the picture of something other than what ABVP wants us to believe. These evidences and witnesses are so obvious that a strict supporter of BJP have found it difficult to counteract it.

On 10th January, Friday crime branch in its report has named 9 people prime suspect of the JNU attack. Seven of these people are from left wing. This was expected as government will do anything to cover their track in the attack. But this will again do nothing to change the mind of the people who have seen enough of the evidences and witnesses.

The people have refused to believe even the BJP minister’s statement that it is the work of AAP and Congress. The involvement of AAP in such activities is baseless as the party has nothing to do with student bodies and also this is a clear failure of law and order which comes under central government jurisdiction and not other state government. The present incident may have BJP’s footprint all over it but it has done nothing except to malign its stature further. With upcoming Delhi elections these kind of acts may have serious repercussions for the ruling BJP government. Lastly, if it was any political strategy that BJP tried to play, it has fallen flat and has totally failed them.



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