Just over the dispute of Rs. 5,000 Zahid killed minor child in Aligarh, no lawyer will fight for him

The latest and most recent incident took place in Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh where a 3-year minor gild was brutally raped and murdered.

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Aligarh: Every day we come across a news on newspaper or television which carry a brutal murder and rape case. The phenomenon becomes more dangerous and horrific when a minor girl is murdered after rape. How are we going to cope up with this increasing and deep-rooted rape culture? Who is most responsible for not maintaining law and order? Can we blame police for dereliction? Can we blame home ministry for not making any strong punishment and sentence for rapists? Can we blame worshipers of lust who commit these inhuman crimes?

Whatever would be your answer, the victims are not going to get quick justice. For, the justice system in India is very slow.


The latest and most recent incident took place in Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh where a 3-year minor gild was brutally raped and murdered.

Not only raped and murdered but her eyes were also gouged out and hands were broken mercilessly.

The incident happened just because of a dispute over Rs. 5,000. Parents were not aware about the incident until it was made clear by the wandering street dogs. Parents had filed a complaint of missing but they were shocked when the street dogs confirmed the murder by dragging the parts of dead body from a garbage dump in Tappal town of Aligarh.

The incident came to the attention of public and police on June 2 while the girl was missing since May 31, 2019.

Zahid and Aslam are accused in the case. According to Aligarh senior SSP Akash Kulhari Zahid had borrowed some money from girl’s father but did not repay the loan. When he was asked to return the money, he threatened the girl’s father with severe outcome. And he did the same with the help of his friend Aslam, he raped and murdered the innocent 3 years minor girl child.

Five policemen have been suspended from their duties for committing negligence in the case. Forensic tastes proved that the girl child was brutally murdered with suffocation and other ways. Family alleged rape also which is still to be proved. This time lawyers who are known to behave quite professionally also stood with the victim and refused to fight a case for accused men.

There was a time when the entire nation stood with Nirbhaya and demanded justice for her but how could whole nation stand with a rape victim every day? Every day many Indian women are being raped and hardly get justice. According to a report published on ‘The Quint’ every day 106 gilds are raped in India and every 4 out of 10 are minors.

Who is going to stop this ever-increasing tally?  



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