Maulana Zafeuddin Barkati’s Humanitarian Work During covid-19

Maulana Zafeuddin Barkati's Humanitarian Work During covid-19
Maulana Zafeuddin Barkati with his team members

by Faheem Qadri

Without any exaggeration, the name of Maulana Zafeuddin Barkati comes to my mind when it comes to helping the poor, the hungry and the needy people during the last one and half month of Corona pandemic in various parts of Delhi. He, along with his team under various organizations such as Ehle Sunnat Academy etc., has helped thousands of people fill their stomachs with food and their hearts with hope. Why I decided to mention his relief work here? Because he is the only Maulana in Delhi among my knowns who has been at the forefront of relief work for people. Of course, there are so many organizations and individuals who have done huge relief work for thousands of people and are still working. They are much appreciated.


Maulana Zafeuddin Barkati's Humanitarian Work During covid-19

He was continuously seen to distribute food items for those stuck in Delhi due to C-19 and those affected by and severely hit in Delhi riots a couple of months back. Barkati Saheb who likes being called Kamzor-e-Ahle Sunnat for himself, never showed weakness, always kept going on and never sought any admiration for his work. As far as I know him, he is very simple and outgoing. You will rarely find maulanas like him. Many of us speak much but do less but he has done just the opposite.

His relief work got accelerated specially in Ramazan when many Muslim families needed necessary food items for a smooth Ramazan passing. Barkati Saheb very systematically arranged food kits to help them during the month-long Ramazan food provisions from Sahri to Iftar. But it’s not that he discrimated against people on the basis of their religion. He equally helped all and provided them with food wherever accessible. Humanitarian work is the best way to connect with masses.

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