In the memory of legendary Humourist & Satirist, Mujtaba Hussain 

In the memory of legendary Humourist & Satirist, Mujtaba Hussain 
Wasim Ahmad Alimi

Mar Ke Rah Jaata Hai Fankaar Amar Hone Tak,
The heart is deeply saddened to hear about the death of great Indian humourist & satirist Padma Shri Mujtaba Hussain. To the best of my knowledge, he was a very loyal Urdu writer to give a firm, constant and unconditional support to Urdu language and literature. When I was appointed Joint Editor of HumSukhan, a campus Magazine of Jamia Millia Islamia, I was assigned to take an interview of the legendary Mujtaba Hussain, after exchanging words with him, I was more than ever convinced to understand the actual meaning of ‘down to earth’. I found him very loving, soft, friendly and open hearted. During the interview, he taught me to be loyal to mother tongue in any and every situation. Although at the time I was a B.A. student, but he talked to me as he was talking to a skilled journalist. He encouraged me by his kind and everlasting words. During my B.A.(H) Urdu, sometimes,  I used to deviate from Urdu to any other professional course, as my mind was instilled that Urdu can’t be fruitful for University students. Most regretfully I had almost believed that it was a miserable course for me until I got an opportunity to talk to the legendary Mujtaba Hussain. A one hour conversation with him changed me forever. One of his personal advice was:
“Wasim! If you are loyal to your language, sooner or later you will have whatever you deserve.”
Mujtaba Hussain started his writing career by Roznama Siyasat Heyderabad. He was a prolific writer and he left no stone unturned to establish himself as a humourist and satirist. His humour and satire touched almost all the genres of Urdu prose,  be it sketch writing, Inshaiya, travelogue, column, essays and others.
He was given several prestigious awards including Padma Shri for his literary services.  He is the author of 26 valuable books having been translated in different Indian and International languages.
No matter he has left us today, he wil be remembered for his fantastic pieces of writing.


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