The Presence of Rape Culture in India, More Restrictions Imposes on Women

I just want to ask all those men that is it our fault that we are born with a vagina? Is it our fault that we are girls? Is it our fault that the country is unable to sensitize men?



The country is again shocked by the death of Hyderabad victim, Unnao victim. I just want to ask a question that why we are even shocked at rape cases? Isn’t it became a culture in the country. Every day more than hundreds of men are raping girls after every 20 minutes a girl is raped and after every 2-3 months, horrific incidences like Nirbhaya, Kathua, Unnao, Hyderabad are hitting the headlines of the news. Each time the nation carried candle march, few women activists speak up, few express their concern for women safety and then the matter fades away. Women have become a commodity, a flesh object for men through this commodity they can release their anger, lust and revenge. If there are property fights the women have to feel insecure because she can be raped at anytime. If there are religious issues between two communities then little Asifa will become an object for their revenge. If there are caste issues between two castes then also women have to pay prices.


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From centuries we have been treated unequal in society, after a lot hardships finally we have got voice in society, it take a lot of courage for a parent to send their daughters to schools. With all those hardships our literacy rate reached to 64-65% which is still lower than men. With a lot of courage, hard work, and sacrifices we have reached to the point when we are recognized but the increasing number of rape cases in India is creating more hurdles for women. Parents are afraid to send their daughters to schools, colleges and it has become more difficult to convince parents to send their daughters to other states for higher education. The hostels, paying guests has started putting more restrictions on women, we always live in surveillance and our freedom are more suppressed.

I just want to ask all those men that is it our fault that we are born with a vagina? Is it our fault that we are girls? Is it our fault that the country is unable to sensitize men? Is it our mistake that the education system of India is unable to give sex education? Your half-pants, shorts and bare chest does not bother us, then why our skirts, shorts, even burqa, saree bothers you?

The country is giving justice by acid attack on victims, setting them on fire, moreover, you encounter rapists. We don’t want this kind of justice where one daughter of Unnao is murdered because she wanted Justice, another daughter of Unnao was attacked and was fighting for life. Just killing or lynching of rapists and in few cases protecting rapists can’t be justified as justice, what about the mental and physical pain a victim has to go through, what about the ‘stigmatization of rape’ in the society.

Just because of brutal men, our freedom is suppressed, we don’t want revenge from the insensitive men, we just want equality, let us live our life. If you can’t help us in our upliftment, please don’t keep your bad eyes on us, because of your characterlessness, we are not allowed to move outside our homes, our progress is compromised, let us live our life with full freedom and dignity.

The writer is a research scholar at Delhi University.

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